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Man winter blazer

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1.Expanding the field of view: The hood mirror can reflect the situation behind, to the side, and below the truck, allowing the driver to indirectly see these positions, playing the role of the "second eye" and expanding the driver's field of view. 2.Judging vehicle distance: During driving, through the hood mirror, the driver can clearly determine whether the distance between two vehicles is safe, thereby avoiding the occurrence of traffic accidents. 3.Steering assistance: Before preparing to overtake or change lanes, the driver will use turn signals to remind vehicles behind them. By observing the movement of vehicles behind through the hood mirror, the driver can safely change lanes. 4.Emergency brake assist: When the truck in front brakes urgently, the driver can observe the driving condition of the vehicle behind through the hood mirror and adjust the driving distance based on its driving condition to avoid rear end collisions. 5.Reverse assist function: The rearview mirror can be used to observe the rear area to ensure safe reverse.