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The replacement of the air filter

Under normal driving conditions, replacing the air filter every 10000 kilometers or every six months is sufficient. Of course, if the vehicle is driving in a dusty environment, it is best not to exceed a replacement cycle of 3 months. Possi··· Read more

The application of the air filter

As is known to us, air filter is composed of two parts: filter element and case. The filter element is the main accessory that serves as a gas filter, and the case provides protection for the filter element. The main function of air filtrat··· Read more

The five major functions of hood mirrors

1.Expanding the field of view: The hood mirror can reflect the situation behind, to the side, and below the truck, allowing the driver to indirectly see these positions, playing the role of the "second eye" and expanding the drive··· Read more

The application of the hood mirrors

The hood mirrors of trucks have always been referred to as the "second pair of eyes" by experienced drivers, which can quickly and accurately determine the distance between vehicles when preparing to overtake or turn.In recent yea··· Read more