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As is known to us, air filter is composed of two parts: filter element and case. The filter element is the main accessory that serves as a gas filter, and the case provides protection for the filter element. The main function of air filtration is to filter the air entering the engine and purify the air quality. The air contains a large amount of impurities, such as dust, sand, etc. If not purified and directly enters the engine compartment, it will accelerate engine wear and even cause cylinder pulling. The air that enters the engine after being filtered by the air filter is relatively clean and can delay the occurrence of these problems. The existence of air filters as a filtering device, compared to accessories such as engines and transmissions, although they are not eye-catching, they have a relatively light status. Without being filtered by the air filter, natural air directly enters the engine workshop, which can cause engine wear. If the air filter is not maintained for a long time, the filter element will be covered with dust, hindering air circulation and causing abnormal engine operation. Severe blockage of the air filter can increase intake resistance, leading to a decrease in engine power. At the same time, the increase in air resistance can also increase fuel consumption during engine operation, thereby deteriorating engine operation and increasing fuel consumption. Therefore, we also need to maintain and upkeep the filter element of the air filter.